Many people want to buy foreclosures but don’t know where to find them. Seasoned investors know how to find foreclosures and related listings. Many unscrupulous companies offer foreclosure listings based on ads and subscriptions. However, as a first investor, you need to be careful while looking for foreclosures. Here are the top 5 websites to find foreclosures in Edmonton, Calgary.

  1. Mel Star Team  -

Foreclosure prices are increasing day-by-day. If you are looking for a discounted bank-owned home, then Mel Star Team is the first site where you need to look for the listings. The website features an updated list of foreclosures in different areas of Calgary.

It is easy to use the site with customer-oriented “User Interface” (UI) featuring a slider that shows the most updated foreclosures. It shows the area in square feet, address, price, as well as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms for each listed house. The downside of the site is no “Search Option” with filters to quickly narrow down your search results.

  1. Kernick Homes -

This is a website dedicated to foreclosures in Calgary only. You can subscribe by entering your name, phone, and email address to get foreclosure listing updates on a daily basis. The site offers an easy-to use search options to find your foreclosures.

So, you can completely customize your search and find the best bank-owned properties. When you subscribe, you will get daily email notifications with a complete list of foreclosures according to your needs.

  1. Watson and Associates -

Watson and Associates is a real estate company that offers an incredible “Foreclosure Search” facility on their website. Using this, you can find hundreds of listings and find bank-owned bargains.

The foreclosure search option on this website is a surefire way to find good deals. One downside is that you have to sign up for membership to access the list.

  1. Calgary Real Estate Sales -

You can sign up for the updated list of foreclosures on Calgary Real Estate Sales website. This site is run by Stephen & Maricel McDonald who are experts in helping people buy bank-owned properties, civil enforcement properties, and foreclosures in Calgary.

The website uses real-time data and charts to show new foreclosure listings every month. These include both bank-owned properties and judicial sales. The site takes data from the MLS and Matrix – the real estate boards in Calgary.

  1. Jerry Charlton Real Estate -

Jerry Charlton Real Estate offers Bank and Company-owned repossessed properties. The website adds new foreclosure listings automatically. You can contact Jerry Charlton Real Estate for new foreclosure listings posted by banks and courts.

There are no secret or hidden foreclosure listings. Banks in Calgary offer incredible foreclosure deals. So, you can get the best deal on Jerry Charlton Real Estate website.


There are various sites that you can use to search for foreclosures. However, when it comes to getting an updated listing in Calgary, the aforementioned sites are the best options. Although each website has its own downsides, you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Good Luck!