Investment funds are financial instruments that use different people’s money and invest in bonds, stocks, etc. Types of investment funds are money market funds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and hedge funds. Here is a list of top 5 Canadian investment funds based on customers’ reviews. Read on!

  1. Fidelity Series Canada Fund

One of the top Canadian Investment Fund programs, Fidelity focuses on capital growth over the long term. This investment fund scheme invests over 80% of the assets in securities of issuers in Canada and other investments associated with Canadian economics.

It invests the assets of the funds mainly in common stocks. Known for its mutual funds, the company is a versatile investment brokerage that offers a wide range of investment products at the most affordable fees in the industry.

2. Aegis Value Fund

Aegis Value fund emphasizes long-term capital appreciation. Primarily, this investment fund scheme invests in common undervalued stocks relative to the market. This is done based on fundamental accounting measures that include cash flow, revenues, and book value.

The company believes in the generation of excess returns via holding investments over periods of short-term price volatility. Aegis focuses on improving the investor’s sentiments and drive higher valuations.

3. OCM Gold Fund

This fund seeks capital appreciation on a long-term basis through investments in gold and silver stocks and mining companies. If you desire investment diversification, OCM is right for you. The fund scheme is designed for people who want to improve their gold investment and asset portfolio to hedge against inflation and currency devaluation.

The OCM Gold Fund principally invests over 80% of its assets in equity securities of both domestic and foreign companies of different sizes. These companies are mainly engaged in gold mining sectors and other precious metal industries.

4. Vanguard Index Funds

Vanguard is famous for its groundbreaking efforts in establishing and marketing index funds and ETFs to Canadian investors. Vanguard uses sampling strategies to create its index funds. In order to keep costs low, they use a small percentage of the total assets in an index funds to build their index funds. Their funds follow a large panel of market indices, including small and large.

5. Blackrock Global Allocation Fund

Blackrock is a global corporation that makes efforts to combine the benefits of local services, relationships, and global reach. In 2018, the company’s assets reached $6.84 trillion across fixed income, equity, real estate, cash management, and advisory strategies.

The mission of this firm is maximizing total return as they invest globally in debt, equity, and short-term securities, of both governmental and corporate issuers, without any prescribed limits. Overall, the firm has a medium mutual fund rank. One downside is that they charge higher fees.


Wrapping up, these are the top 5 investment funds in Canada based on customers’ reviews. They combine your money with other investors and allows you to buy a portion of a pool of investments. Benefits for investors include dividend reinvestment, portfolio management, fair pricing, convenience, reliability, and risk reduction.